GL Studio

The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy or FIEA is a graduate video game design school at the University of Central Florida. Specializing in game design, game art, and game programming. Ranked top 5 by the Princeton Review.

Identity Rebranding

I was the graphic/web designer at FIEA for nearly 12 years. The current look and feel of all FIEA marketing including the website was created by myself. When I started at FIEA, we had a look and feel that was completely different than the UCF look at the time, it was more inline with a video game company aesthetic. At that time having a game program associated with a university was not considered a plus.

When we decided to switch from a Joomla backend to a WordPress based site, this also aligned with a directive from communication director to make the website look more like it belongs under UCF umbrella. I took the new modern UCF logo as a basis for the new design as well as a central idea of showcasing students in-action more. The new look has a modern feel, with bright colors and more images of students and their work.


We decided to switch the Content Management System (CMS) from Joomla to WordPress. The WordPress install uses a custom visual editor (Avada) to create the responsive design layouts that are easily editable by the office staff.

Interactive Screens

The screens below are the major content layout types, there are over 50 pages within the site however most fit in these layout types.

Site Home
  • Contains a hero banner video, the video was also offloaded to YouTube to keep our monthly data usage down.

  • Google Analytics was instrumental in choosing the site hierarchy as well as content on each page.

Standard Landing
  • Top level pages in hierarchy receive this layout type.

  • Navigation is mirrored within content so users don’t have to drill down in the menu.

Standard Text
  • All articles and post that continue mostly text receive this layout.

Media View
  • Pages that contain various media such as video and images.

Course Tracks
  • Used to create layouts that look more visually appealing.

  • The large images are used to call out important information sections.