UCF’s Millican Hall Kiosk

This was a freelance project to create interactive wayfinding kiosk’s for UCF’s Millican Hall. The signage was built using Fourwinds Interactive software.

Interactive Screens

After reviewing the design requirements provided by the project manager. I developed some Adobe XD wireframes, once those were approved we created high resolution mockups. The screens below represent the major interactions needed to accomplish the requirements.

Wayfinding within Millican Hall
  • Users can search for Departments, People, and Conference rooms within Millican Hall.

  • When the user selects a item within the list, the map above will update with an animated path to the selected location.

Wayfinding Outside Buildings
  • Users can search for important buildings within the University of Central Florida campus.

Current Events
  • The news screen is the default view for the kiosk.

  • The top portion of the screen contains a rotating image banner. The kiosk manager uses this area for event flyers.

  • The bottom portion of this screen displays upcoming events from the UCF Millican Hall website. This section pulls the info dynamically into the Fourwinds kiosk software.

Illustrated Maps

The Project PM provided Millican Hall blueprints. I recreated those blue prints in Adobe Illustrator so the project could have high resolution maps that fit stylistically with the UI. I also created a UCF campus map that is used for the wayfinding between buildings.