VE Studio

A leader in producing virtual training programs through a proven, database-driven development process and productivity tools.

Typical training programs are based off hard coded game engines. The complete suite of VE Studio has tools for analyzing, developing, building, testing, and render training pgorams.

UI / Interface Design

VE Studio is a suite of tools. In the year I was at DiSTI working on VE Studio, I was in-charge of the UI reskin. This includes creating visual assets with Adobe XD as well as building the skin UI in Unity.

UX / User Experience

I was only given two sprint cycles (4 weeks) for the UX improvements. Since the production cycle was short the major UX improvements include:

  • Inspection button redesigned as toggle and only shown when an item is inspectabled.

  • Add mobile style notification when user removes objects in virtual environment, this is an improvement over the current method of listing all objects in tool tray.

  • Tool iconography and text sizes larger.

  • Added micro animations, previously the UI had no animation/movements.

Before / After

Original VE Studio UI skin